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Belsons & Sons

- george


United kingdom |

My first pair of varifocals and didn’t realise how good they would be and increase my vision. Thrilled with this recent purchase and highly recommend

Belsons & Sons

- Simon Rinder


United Kingdom |

Received my lenses today. Everything is so amazingly clear. Thoroughly recommend them

Belsons & Sons

- Gill Hyams


United Kingdom |

the best lenses i ever tried ! :)


- oksana


Israel |

מאז שאני עם המשקפיים החדשים אני מרגישה נפלא! העדשות מתאימות לכל הפעילויות שלי, אני לא חווה יותר עייפות בנהיגה ממשוכת ובעבודה מול מחשב. אני הרבה יותר יעילה בעבודה. פשוט כיף! מרגישה שהעדשות האלה נעשו במיוחד בשבילי , בדיוק למה שאני צריכה


- Esty Fishbine


Israel | July 9, 2018

Revolution! Got my lentiq a month ago. I see much better, to all angles, eyes can handle much more - 10 hours in front of screens and counting. No eye strain, no headaches, only pure vision! It's like my eyes got supercharged with a super enhancing and shielding experience. I am more productive and much happier. Recommended!!


- Dan Moav


Israel | July 7, 2018

I simply love my new Lentiq lenses! I used to have headaches when driving and when working long hours in front of the computer - Not anymore. The ability to switch from one activity to the other so smoothly has totally improved my life

Rudy Project

- Lilach Dekel


Israel | July 5, 2018

Wearing my new lenses for the first time today. They are fantastic. Love them

Belsons & Sons

- Janet Marzetti


United Kingdom | May 2, 2018

One of our patients in London just got his new glasses with special lenses in, he absolutely loves them, they are fantastic

Belsons & Sons

- Yaqub Nusarat


United Kingdom | May 1, 2018

From the first moment of wearing my new lenses, my vision felt completely natural, just as thought I didn't need to wear glasses! I have almost zero distortion and don't have to think about what part of the lens I'm using. I'd definitely recommend them to any varifocal wearer.

Belsons & Sons

- Karen Wade


United Kingdom | January 2, 2018