You are unique.
Your lenses
should be too.

LentIQ™ is a personalized lens, tailor-made to your specific needs to serve your dynamic lifestyle.
LentIQ™ is powered by an innovative App which allows you to collect objective data about your day to day activities and exposures, and convert it into a set of optical recommendations to calculate a 100% personalized lens.

Learning your routine

How many hours a day do you spend driving? walking? How often are you exposed to UV light?

With LentIQ™, your day to day data translates into a lens that perfectly fits your lifestyle

A whole new level of personalization

Available lenses are based on statistical averages of the typical customer.

Then there’s LentIQ™, and it’s anything but average.

Using a revolutionary technology, based on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, LentIQ™ takes personalization to a whole new level and allows you to get a lens that perfectly suits your specific way of life.

Meet Julie & Tom

Getting your LentIQTM
has never been easier

Get Your Report

With objective data about your
activities & exposures.

Review your data

and recommendations with your
optical expert

Pick up your glasses

Tailor-made to your individual

When Experience meets Innovations

LentIQTM was developed by Shamir Optical Industry, a worldwide optical powerhouse, known for its Innovation, technological sophistication, and rigorous quality assurance practices.

LentIQ’s design is based on Shamir’s expertise in the development, design and manufacture of premium eyeglasses lenses for over 40 years.
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